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【CO,News】Connector development
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As mobile products led by mobile phones are developing toward miniaturization, thinness and high performance, the connection between display components and substrates is more complex. In this context, board to board connectors, FPC connectors, connector narrow spacing, low back, multi polarization is more urgent, especially the extremely thin mobile phone needs ultra low back requirements on the built-in connector more eagerly. In order to realize low back, narrow spacing, miniaturization, multi polarization and high reliability, manufacturers have adopted simulation technology to further research and develop.

Floating connector

Efforts to develop narrow spacing products

Vehicle navigation systems need to offset the offset of the package by using a floating connector or bias the base plate with screws. The connector manufacturers actively develop narrow gap, multi pole and high-performance floating connector products to cope with large bias. Recently, high-performance floating connectors with 0.5 mm spacing and 0.5 mm deflection in the XY direction have been put into operation.

In order to solve the vibration problem, the automobile navigation system uses two screws to fix the components, and needs a floating connector when assembling, and requires a narrow spacing and a larger fluctuation.

The floating connector is composed of two parts, the contact part (movable side) and the welding part (fixing part), which are connected together by contactor. When the contactor is movable, it will increase the load on the welding part. Because the metal fixing parts are arranged on both sides of the insulating parts, the load of the welding part is lightened. The connector manufacturers use micro precision machining technology and highly reliable contact technology, actively develop narrow spacing, and maintain large enough momentum products, rich product varieties.

As the next generation of floating connectors, both sides of the plug side connector and the socket side connector can be moved. The substrate with 0.5 mm spacing has a multi pole structure with a pole number exceeding 200 and a maximum moving range of 1 mm and has been put into operation. This improves the convenience of floating connector users. With the characteristics that both sides can move, the column and the spacing can be moved 1 mm respectively, and the direction of the mosaic can be moved (parallel connection) 0.5 mm, which is expected to be used in various fields.

The need for floating connectors is expected to expand globally, not only for automotive navigation products, but also for automotive audio, contactless connectors, office equipment, and various devices. With the popularity of automotive navigation products in the world and the expansion of the market, as well as the emergence of new applications, the future of the product market is expected to have rapid growth.

Connectors for manufacturing equipment / machine tools

Technological progress is the key factor

Many connectors are used in machine tools and manufacturing equipment. Connector technology is an important factor in achieving high performance, high accuracy, and high density packaging of devices. Vendors are competing fiercely in technology development.

The connector is mainly used for connecting the power supply parts, equipment and control components of various manufacturing equipment, and adopts round connectors and square connectors. In order to improve the manufacturing accuracy, high-performance connectors are required. Smaller, more current connected power connectors are being developed.

In order to improve the safety performance, the connector firmness and waterproof performance are also indispensable.

Connectors for signal connections are being developed for multicore, and multicore products such as 70 core or 80 core for special purposes are also being put into production. Power and signal generic composite products have also been produced. In addition to standard products, the market for customized products is very large.

In order to improve the added value of connector products, some manufacturers adopt independent technology to implement metal plating for metal shells, and to produce differentiated products, and to invest in developing products with simple wiring operation. Optical cable may also be used in the future. To this end, developments related to light technology are also under way.


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