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【Technical Data】High speed connector
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 What is essential for any current electronic product? There must be a lot of answers to that answer. Today we are going to talk about one of the indispensable components, the connector. Of course, for a product design engineer, the choice of connectors has become a very important part of their work. Now, in some large companies, there are special connector and cable engineers who will be responsible for the selection and verification of all connectors. Of course, a smaller company may be chosen and validated by a structural engineer (ME) or an electrical engineer. Obviously, when the product interface speed is very high, the traditional structural engineers or ordinary electronic engineers have been unable to determine whether the selected connectors can meet the requirements of product design.

It's time for more professional companies to do it, so there's a SI engineer involved in the selection of connectors and cables. So how do you choose the connector? What do you need to pay attention to? What's the impact on the product?
The choice of connectors is mainly from two major directions, the first is the structure, followed by electrical performance.
In terms of structure, the connector first meets the function of the connection, so it conforms to the structural design, and pin corresponds with pin.
In terms of electrical performance, connectors need to meet impedance, insertion loss, return loss, far end crosstalk, near end crosstalk, delay, and so on.


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