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Function and market of mobile connector in electronic components
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 Mobile phone connector is an important electronic component in mobile phones, and their quality is directly related to the quality of mobile phones and the reliability of their use. Most of the after-sale quality problems of mobile phones are mostly related to connectors. Use the mobile phone connector types according to their products vary slightly, the average number is about 5 ~ 9 (5-10 range, RF, USB, AudioJack or DCJack, BatteryConn and so on, some mobile phone, only RF connector with 3), product types can be divided into internal and FPC connector board to board connector, the external connection and battery, I/O connector, SIM card connector and CameraSocket etc.. Because the mobile phone prices continue to decline, the mobile phone parts supply also simplify and reduce the number of components in the design direction, the FPC connector is used when the proportion of the entire mobile phone connector for about half, while the demand for plate connector plate due to different products and different, at present there are some products do not use mobile phone board on board connector. Xu John said that the price of mobile connector should be stable.

In the current market situation, the supply and demand of connectors is very balanced. However, due to the market at the same time the existing production capacity does not necessarily change unpredictably, can meet the sudden growth in demand, we recommend that customers in close contact with us or other connector suppliers, inform and forecast their plans, to ensure timely access to support a substantial growth in market demand. In addition, we recommend that clients cooperate with powerful companies to ensure sustained support. Due to the influence of 3G mobile phone and smart phone demand market, the current development direction of mobile connector is: low height, small pitch, multi-function, good electromagnetic compatibility, standardization and customization coexist.
The number of contact pairs in the plug and socket is unequal, and dozens of pairs can be reached. There are two rows, three rows, four rows and so on.  Because of the elastic deformation in each contact pair, the positive pressure and the frictional force can ensure the good contact between the contact pairs.  In order to improve the performance, some of them are plated with gold or silver plating on the contact pairs.
Round connectors, round plugs and sockets are made up of one or more pairs of contacts in a cylindrical shell. The contact pin socket, and is connected with solder type, and the shell with a grounding device, cable clip, protection mechanism. Considering the characteristics of mobile phone, the design of mobile connector must consider the vibration and vibration problems. In addition, consider the whole mobile phone frame structure with a single connector coordination, such as SIM card connector reliability and fixed SIM card mobile phone frame and structure. With the increasing application of mobile phone, the requirement of the space occupied by connectors has been severely reduced, and the number of pins has been increasing, which has made it difficult for engineers to design.


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