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Miniaturization and high speed mobility of connector products
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 The "miniaturization" of connector products, "high-speed mobile" and "intelligent" are the trend of future development. The future technology innovation of the industry is mainly focused on the following 1. directions: the development technology of the micromation of connectors. The technology is mainly developed for the trend of connector miniaturization, and it can be applied to the mini connectors below 0.3mm, belonging to the new varieties of MINI USB series products. It can be used for multi connection expansion card slot connector, which can reach and exceed the strict requirements of the joint surface with the surface adhesion technology of multiple contact points, with high accuracy and low cost. 2. High frequency and high speed wireless transmission connector technology, this technology is mainly used for a variety of wireless devices communication applications, and has a wide range of applications. 3, simulation technology research and application of simulation technology in a variety of disciplines and theories as the foundation, take the computer and the corresponding software such as AutoCAD, Pro/E program stress analysis software, through the establishment of the product model and the corresponding boundary conditions, the mechanical, electrical, high frequency of simulation analysis to confirm, to reduce product failure the development caused by material selection, structure unreasonable factors such as cost, improve the success rate of development, contribute to the application of complex system to provide support for product realization. 4, intelligent technology connector of the technology used in the DC series power connector products, the transmission power can be done prior intelligent signal detection, to ensure that the plug in place after the conduction pole and start power, can avoid the adverse consequences of injury, the arc burning machine caused by the insertion of a plug into the breakover contact the future enterprises need to develop other products like intelligent technology. 5, precision connector technology of precision connector relates to product design, process technology and quality control technology etc, the main technology includes the following aspects: (1) precision mold processing technology: using CAD and CAM technology, the introduction of the industry high precision processing equipment, the use of production experience and advanced equipment technology to achieve high quality mold products high precision. (2) precision stamping and precision injection molding technology: achieve all kinds of stamping parts and injection parts precise, efficient and stable all-round control and perfect surface quality, ensure product quality. (3) automatic assembly technology: through the application of precision control technology and semi-automatic detection technology, we can overcome the difficult problem of precision product manual operation and improve core competitiveness. With the continuous development of automotive industry, computer communication industry and other applications, the market capacity of connectors gradually expands, the annual growth rate is more than two digits, and the market has great potential for development. China has become the fastest growing and largest market in the global connector.  According to the "2013-2017 Chinese connector industry market outlook and investment opportunity analysis report" [1] display, the global connector sales ranked the top five applications are: automotive, computer and peripherals, communications, industrial and aerospace and military equipment, and an increase in the top five is used in consumer electronics, communications electronics, medical electronics communication, electronics, computer and peripherals. Among them, medical electronics has become a new growth point of connector applications. With the implementation of new medical reform and the continuous improvement of medical informatization level, the market demand capacity of connectors in medical field is increasing.  Looking forward to the network,90156-0165 China's connector is mainly in the middle and low end, high-end connectors are relatively low, but the demand for faster growth. At present, China's development is in the production of connector to excessive period of creation, in the field of high-end connectors, computer and peripheral equipment occupies the largest market share, automotive and medical equipment market connector also occupy a higher share of the market share of domestic automotive connectors accounted for about 20%, while the 3G mobile phone makes the rapid spread of the rapid growth in demand for high-end connector. With the connector manufacturing industry competition intensified, large connector manufacturing enterprises merging and capital operation has become increasingly frequent, the connector of outstanding domestic manufacturing enterprises more and more attention to the research on the industry market, especially for the deep research on the industrial development environment and product buyers.  Because of this, a large number of excellent domestic connector brands are rising rapidly, and become the leaders in the connector manufacturing industry. [2], because of the increasingly diverse structure of connectors, new structures and applications are emerging, trying to use a fixed mode.


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