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The good news | warm congratulations on the ChangJiang
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    In order to establish our hi-tech industry and promote the rapid development of hi-tech enterprises, the ChangJiang connector should adhere to "pioneering and innovation, green environmental protection and sustainable development" and wisdom. For more than 20 years, CJTconn, under the leadership of the company, has led the outstanding members of the company to continue to forge ahead. With the support from all walks of life, the ChangJiang connector was awarded the certificate of high-tech enterprise jointly issued by Shenzhen science and Technology Innovation Committee, Shenzhen Municipal Finance Committee, Shenzhen National Taxation Bureau and Shenzhen Local Taxation Bureau in October 31, 2017

     To win the honor of "national hi tech enterprise", which is both the affirmation of the work of all members of the ChangJiang connector and a heavy responsibility. It will continue to commit itself to the R & D and promotion of high technology as always, contributing to the strength of all sectors of the society.


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