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What kinds of certification have ChangJiang connectors passed?(3
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                         What kinds of certification have ChangJiang connectors passed?(3


The products are certified by a number of safety certification standards such as UL, the Canadian CUL,and the German TUV.

The products pass the RoSH 2.0, REACH, GWT hot wire test and also are approved by ISO9001 /IATF16949 quality system certification.

Here below are connector moldes for your view:

C1301 Series/ EL,φ1.3

C1581 Series/ 1625,φ1.58

C1801 Series/ 35150,35151,35180,35965

C1802 Series/ MG610222~MG610236,MG620223~MG620432

C2003 Series/ 51005,51006,PNI

C2020 Series/ L,φ2.0

C2363 Series/ 3191,φ2.36

C2501 Series/ SYP,SYR,RCY

C2504 Series/ 5102,5240,5045,6,5051

C2521 Series/ SM

C3030 Series/ 43025,43020,43650,43045,43645,43640,44133,44300,44769,44764,44432,44428,1445052,1445053,1445056~1445058,1445086,1445087,1445090~1445092,1445095,1445096,1445099~1445101,2029030,794630~794638,794677~794682

C3961 Series/ SL

C3962 Series/ 176271,178481

C3963 Series/ 177898~177905,179463~179468

C4140 Series/ 172335~42,172328~44,770579~87,770858~76,770966~74,794073~79,794105~08

C4201 Series/ 5557,5559,5566,5569,42474,42475,1586039,1586040,2029059,2029265,1775099,794302~13,794349~60,794662~69

C4501 Series/ YL

C5030 Series/ 1951,1619,1545,1396

C5081 Series/ 8981,LC

C6201 Series/ VL,170001,171692,172064,172065,76825,76829

C6351 Series/ 42021,42022,350428~34,350942~49

C7110 Series/ 151680,151679

C8381 Series/ 42179


D0601 Series/ XSR

D0801 Series/ SUR

D1272 Series/ 90325,90327,90584,90800,90816

D1275 Series/ PIN

D2541 Series/ 640440~43,640468~71,641237~40,644486~89,644803,644861

D3961 Series/ 640426~35,640472~74,640477~80,640595~602,640387~89,640445,644752~55,640207~09,644759~66,641119~21,641210




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